Dr. med. Yves D. Cahen
Schützenmattstrasse 41
4051 Basel
061 205 32 33
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We assist producers in successfully launching new diagnostic test appliances, omitting the need for a local distributor in Switzerland.

Our core competence is the broad overview regarding the diagnostic and commercial potential of a particular appliance. We offer rapid market introduction, with a customized and focused approach to the small, multilingual Swiss market. As a professional medical laboratory, we have the capacity to address the entire territory, without the redundancy of classic distributor routes. This lean business model is especially suitable for infrequent diagnostic appliances and improves business conditions for the producer.

General manager of the laboratory is Yves D. Cahen, M.D. and laboratory immunologist with international experience. As a trained internist, he is competent in all fields of general medicine and has specialized knowledge in the fields of allergy, immunology and laboratory medicine. He personally develops the customized marketing approaches with his team, specifically addressing end consumers.