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Since 2001 our CEO founded a clinical practice and a medical laboratory, specialized in the fields of allergy and immunology, that have successfully operated ever since. In 2018 the laboratory branch was transformed into Allimmun LLC, launching distribution activities on basis of the laboratory’s existing customer relations.


Since January 2018 we distribute and support the manufacturer Macro Array Diagnostics (Vienna, Austria), tending to customers in all parts of Switzerland and featuring the most advanced analyser for allergy diagnostics. Based on multiplex technology, it is capable of interpreting 300 allergens in one cycle. Since 2021 the high-throughput, automated analyser MAX 45k, an appropriate instrument for larger laboratories, has been launched.

For several years analysis of respiratory samples has been an interest of our company. New appliances launched in 2020 allow for easy-to-handle, home sample-collections and sub-sequent laboratory analysis.

Location and Team

Based in Basel, Switzerland, at the center of Western Europe, featuring a local airport serving as traffic hub to a major low-cost carrier, we are in an excellent position to develop our activities in Switzerland and beyond.

Our expanding team of six collaborators (2020), has a mix of backgrounds with medical, laboratory and commercial know-how, combined with the multilingual capacities necessary in Switzerland.

 Our CEO

Born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, Yves D. Cahen is a Swiss board certified M.D. in the fields of allergy and clinical immunology, internal medicine and laboratory medicine. He also holds an American ECMG-certificate. During his career he trained and worked in Switzerland, France and the United States and authored several international publications.

The Swiss Marketplace

Switzerland is a not a EU member and has therefore separate regulations from the rest of Europe. In general terms, the marketplace is affluent, but small and compartmentalized, also due to the different language regions (German, French, and Italian).

The Future

We intend to expand our successful distribution activities, with new and innovative appliances in the field of medical diagnostics. We strive to serve patients and commercial partners alike, with reliable and quality-conscious handling, for the benefit of all.