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About us

The specialized medical laboratory Allimmun, founded in 2001, is managed according to the criteria of the Swiss Society of Laboratory Medicine FAMH and participates in external quality controls with CSCQ in Geneva. The specialty of the laboratory is allergy diagnostics.

In 2018 Allimmun became a LLC and started distributor activities in Switzerland, as a member of the Swiss Medtech Association. The first product we introduced nationally, was the Allergy Explorer ALEX. This laboratory analyser is the leading multiplex system for allergy diagnostics, manufactured by then start-up MADX in Vienna (A), Meanwhile established in the market, our distribution has expanded to include further products.

As a service provider, we also offer a hand in developing innovative medical solutions for the healthcare of tomorrow.

Location and Team​

Based in Basel, Switzerland, in the center of Western Europe, with a well-connected local airport, we are ready to develop our activities in Switzerland and beyond.

Our expanding team has expertise in the fields of medicine, medical diagnostics and laboratory analytics as well as commercial know-how and a staff covering all national languages.

Coming soon

Yves D. Cahen, born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, is a Swiss licensed physician in the fields of allergy, clinical immunology, internal medicine and laboratory medicine. He also holds an American ECMG certificate. During his career, he worked in Switzerland, France and the United States and authored several international publications.

The Swiss Marketplace

Switzerland is not a member of the EU and therefore has different regulations than the rest of Europe. In general, the market is financially strong but small and divided into different language regions (German, French and Italian).

The Future

Our successful activities are to be expanded with new and innovative medical products and services. We work reliably in the interest of patients and trade partners and guarantee quality support for the distributed products.